Venture Resolution creates, develops, and delivers bespoke, high-impact solutions for the most demanding social and organizational problems in the corporate, government, and military sectors.

Members of Venture Resolution’s team already have active security clearance; though all staff are able to obtain the necessary security clearance for classified government and military projects.



  • Analytics: Marin Conflict Analysis Tool (M-CAT, Version 6.1.2, 2021)
  • Conflict Zone: Analysis, Intelligence, Programming, Research
  • Crisis Management
  • Diplomacy: Tracks 1, 1.5, 2
  • Dispute Resolution: Acute and Systemic
  • Negotiation: Conflict Zone, High-Level, Hostage
  • Mediation
  • Postwar: Development, Initiatives, Programming, Research
  • Short- and Long-Term Conflict Stability: Department, Executives, Team
  • VC/PE Conflict Management: Portfolio, Pre-Investment Vetting


  • Advising
  • Analysis: Behavioral, Profiling
  • Change: Culture, Management, Organizational, Social
  • Coaching: Conflict, Executive
  • Consensus Building
  • DEI
  • Facilitation
  • Intelligence: Network Development
  • Peak Performance
  • Short- and Long-Term Institutional Stability
  • Strategy
  • Targeted Programming
  • Team Dynamics
  • Training and Development


  • Advanced Research
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Discovery
  • Due Diligence/Vetting: Analytics, Human Capital
  • Independent Investigation
  • Intelligence: Gathering/Analysis, IC, Systems
  • Modeling: Commercial, Economic, Product, Statistical
  • M&E
  • Survey/Research Tool Creation and Validation
  • System: Analysis, Development, Risk


  • Curriculum Development: Corporate, Government, Military, University
  • Foreign Investment
  • Intelligence: Actionable, Geopolitical
  • Innovation
  • Negotiation: Exits, Foreign, High-Level, M&A
  • Policy: Advising, Development, Research
  • Psychology: Neuro, Organizational, Performance, Social
  • Risk: Assessment, Management, Mitigation
  • Thought Leadership: Lecture/Keynote, Research, Writing
  • Transition: Executive, Political, Post-Acquisition

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